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An unofficial Security Now episode explorer

Well, I finished another PhoneGap Build app.  This is another “Joe scratches his own itch” app.  It’s an app that shows the entire Security Now back catalog and lets you browse through the various topics.

This is the final app in my 30 day challenge, so my pace of new development is going to slow a little.  I am planning on iterating each of the 4 apps over the next month, though.


Try the app in your browser

PhoneGap Build Page

GitHub Page

Play Store Page


How do you sign a PhoneGap app?

This is a quick thing.  When you build an app in PhoneGap Build, it asks for a keystore file.  So, how do you get one?  Here is the command for on the mac.

keytool -genkey -v -keystore [Name for the file].keystore -alias [Name for the app] -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

Remember to replace [Name for the file] and [Name for the app].  After that, just follow the prompts.

Happy developing!

Killing two birds with one stone: The Network+ Vocabulary App

This week’s phone app is the Network+ Vocabulary App.  I have been taking a Network+ class at the Milwaukee Area Technical College and I figured that writing a study guide for the test, would both net me another app and help me study.

For note, this covers the vocabulary for exam N10-005.


Try it in your browser

PhoneGap Build Page

GitHub Page

Play Store Page


The Milwaukee Soup App: An experiment in PhoneGap and Kimono

I have had an idea for a while.  I am a huge fan of a good bowl of soup and when lunch rolls around, I check a half dozen websites for daily soup specials.  I have always wanted a singular place to see what soup is available today.  I have written an app to be that singular resource!

Milwaukee Soup has a fairly basic UI right now and it only tracks two restaurants (The Soup House and Bella Caffe), but I plan to evolve it over time.

So, you might be asking how I managed to query the restaurants, without aid of an API.  I kinda cheated.  I used Kimono to create JSON APIs from the restaurants’ websites.  So far, it seems to be working well.


Try the app in your browser

PhoneGap Build Page

GitHub Page

Play Store Page


Pocket Joe Revisited: Joe evolves his PhoneGap skills

Last week, we built a basic RSS reader, based upon an earlier experiment.  This week, I thought we would evolve the UI a little.  The UI uses jQuery Mobile now.

PhoneGap Build Page

Download it from the Google Play Store

Try the app in your browser  

So, you might be wondering where I’m going with all of this PhoneGap experimentation.  My goal is to crank out a PhoneGap app per week, during the month of February.  As with everything, practice makes perfect and I hope that a month of practice will make me reasonably good at this. Earlier today, I bought a Nokia Lumia 520.  Expect some Windows Phone versions to be published alongside the Android versions of these apps.

Want to check out the main HTML file from this app?  The source is available on GitHub.  Yes, I’m still using YQL. I’ll eventually create a proper dev environment for PhoneGap.

Building a basic RSS App With PhoneGap Build

You may or may not remember our earlier experiments with building an RSS Reader in JavaScript.  I was curious how well it would work to reuse that experiment, to create a basic RSS reader.  I found a decent jQuery accordion to use for it.  It would not be a native UI for any device but it is good enough for this experiment.


[gist id=8641489 file=PocketJoe.html bump=3]


You can see that this is a fairly basic app.

Just like last time, I fed the HTML app into PhoneGap Build and it generated the installers, based upon my github repo.


Try it within your browser

The PhoneGap Build Page (including installers)


Notes: I know that PhoneGap can handle RSS without having it first translated to JSON.  Keeping the YQL call there just made development easier.  Once I get a good local PhoneGap development environment set up, I am probably going to need to revisit this.

First attempt at a mobile app, using PhoneGap Build

For years, I have wanted to develop for Android but I haven’t gotten off my butt and done it.  I recently decided to force myself to explore development, using PhoneGap.  Today, I wrote a very basic proof of concept.  I have to admit that it was pretty easy.  I wrote the app using HTML, JS, and CSS, uploaded it to github, and built it on PhoneGap Build.  It is not pretty but it is very functional.

The next step is to build something that looks half marketable. 🙂

Github Link

Demo of the HTML/JS app

Installer Files (iPhone, Android, etc)