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Any suggestions for things to do in Rome, Venice, or Naples?

As I have mentioned previously, I am visiting Italy at the end of the month.  I am spending one night in Naples, eight nights in Rome, and three nights in Venice.  I am already hoping to see Pompeii, Herculaneum, Pisa, the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, etc.  Have any suggestions about things that I shouldn’t miss?  Please, let me know.


[ Cover Photo by David Köhler on Unsplash ]

Planning for Italy: Day trip options in Rome

Back in 2019 (before the pandemic was a thing), I arranged to go to India and Nepal in April 2020 and then I rescheduled it for October 2021 before giving up, completely.  Relatively recently, I booked airfare and accommodations to see Italy in 2022.  I figured that despite the fact that India very recently reopened to foreign travelers (with restrictions), visiting anything outside of Europe would be a questionable idea.  So, assuming that the omicron variant doesn’t wreck my plan, I am going to try to see Rome and Venice in the spring. Continue reading Planning for Italy: Day trip options in Rome

I booked airfare to Italy for the first two weeks of Spring

In 2018, I visited China and in 2019, I went a little crazy and visited England (twice), France (twice), Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, and Spain.  In 2020, I wanted to see India and Nepal but the global covid pandemic killed that plan and in the end, it wasn’t even in the card for 2021.  At one point in time, I even had airfare booked to fly from Chicago to Delhi for Oct 13, 2021.

Looking at vaccination rates and which countries allow American visitors, the only real option is Europe.  South America and Asia are out of realm of possibility for 2022.  I lost a lot of money when I had to cancel the India trip (both insurance plans had a clause where they don’t cover global pandemics).  This time around, I am trying to be cautious about when I book stuff.  I don’t want to lose everything if a new virus variant hits.  I am optimistic, though.

The plan is to fly into Rome, spend some time there, take the high-speed train to Venice, and then fly home from Venice.

Have a suggestion for stuff to do or things to see while there?  Feel free to drop a comment, below.