Fixing Styling the content on the page

Previously, we have looked at the navigation bar, the hero image, and the combination of the two.  I figured that next natural step is to look at how to style the content on the page.  I want to add some sort of visually pleasing container and Bulma‘s box class seems to be a good option. …

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Fixing What if we merged the nav bar with the hero image?

Previously, we looked at using Bulma to improve the nav bar and we looked at ways we could improve the hero image.  I figured that this week, we would combine the two. See the Pen – Hero with Nav by Joe Steinbring (@steinbring) on CodePen. I kind of like this look but the nav …

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Fixing The Hero Image

Last week, we looked at more ways to tweak the nav bar on  This week, I figured that we would move down to the hero image.  The current hero image is dynamically generated based upon a subset of images on  It doesn’t look great, though. See the Pen – Hero (Before) by Joe Steinbring …

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Fixing The Nav Bar (Part 2)

Last week, we looked at two ways to fix the nav on  For the first option, we simply added an additional header that displays when the screen width gets narrow enough.  For the second option, we introduced a hamburger menu.  This week, let’s look at two new options. The first of this week’s options …

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I created a new website

I haven’t had a lot at since registering the domain so, I spent a bit of time over the past few weekends and finally built a website there.  The idea was that it pulls recent activity from,,, github, and DEV and auto-updates the website based upon those feeds.  I wanted to …

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Six ways to use data binding with Vue.js

This is going to be a pretty quick post.  Two weeks ago, we looked at how use watchers in Vue.js.  This week I figured that we would look at computed properties and methods. See the Pen Vue.js Computed Value vs Method vs Variable by Joe Steinbring (@steinbring) on CodePen. In the above example, we are …

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Vue.js watch properties, Google Blogger APIs, and Dynamic Backgrounds

For today’s post, I wrote a pen where the goal was to take the latest photo posted to and set it as the background image. In it, I used the blogger API to get a JSON object and I parsed content for the first href. I then pushed that into a second array and used the first array item as the background, using

See the Pen
Auto-updating Background Image (using Vue.js and Axios)
by Joe Steinbring (@steinbring)
on CodePen.

I wanted to give the user the ability to change the background, so I output “thumbnails” (they are just the same images with a limited width) of all the images and added v-on:click to each one so that you can switch.  You’ll notice that when the user clicks an image, it changes the value of current Image to equal index. Vue watches the value of currentImage and changes the value of when it happens.

Vue watchers give you a lot of flexibility because you just need to change that index and vue does the rest.  There is no need to add a bunch of functions to an onclick event.

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[ Cover photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash ]