Thinking about working on my private pilot’s license

Back while I was working at Kohler, I got it into my head that I wanted to look getting my private pilot’s license. Here in Milwaukee, we have the benefit of having a great fixed base operator (Spring City Aviation) at a super convenient little airport (Timmerman Field). I checked their website and saw that …

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2020 Goals

I mentioned back in October that I wanted to post more substantive content on this blog.  Starting on Thursday, I am going to start publishing weekly posts to the coding category.  A few weeks ago, I started posting regularly to photos.jws.  I want to try to do a photo-per-day kind of thing, moving forward.

My 2018 goals were to get reasonably good at the ukulele and travel somewhere adventurous.  I think that I succeeded.  My goals for 2019 were to keep traveling places and finish a side project before That Conference.  50% success is pretty good, I guess? 😉

My 2020 goals are to share more code (see above) and finish a side project.  I think that should be achievable?

How I Internet (2020 Edition)

Up until 2018, I posted on this blog very infrequently.  During some years, there were only 1 or 2 posts in total.  Last year, I decided to try to post something here every day (even if it is just a photo).  Moving forward, I want to tweak that.  I am going to post fewer “every day” photos and more traditional blog content.  You can expect one or two posts per week in 2020.

If you want to see more “every day” photos, you can check out my instagram, flickr, or tumblr accounts.  If you want to see a combined feed of my twitter and instagram posts, you can check out my mastodon feed.

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Measurable goals are an important driver for success.  Many people have fantasies.  There is a difference between fantasies and goals, though.  The author Brian Tracy once wrote: A goal is something distinctly different from a wish. It is clear, written, and specific. It can be quickly and easily described to another person. A goal, crucially, should …

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