I got a flipper this summer and it is really neat!

Earlier this year while at CypherCon, I saw people using the Flipper Zero and immediately thought “Wow, that’s neat!”.  Unfortunately, I missed their kickstarter and at the time I didn’t know when it would be available.  On June 8th, they put out something on Twitter saying that they had a limited number of units available …

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Learning Laravel: Protected Routes and Authentication

Previously in this series, we have looked at how to install laravel, how laravel works, and how to deploy a laravel app.  In today’s post, we are going to look at how you would protect a route so that the user would need to login in order to view a webpage.

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Heroku eliminated free plans. Now, what?

Last week, Heroku announced that they were killing off their free teir.  I have been using it off and on ever since a creating an OWASP Juice Shop instance on it at That Conference, a few years ago.  Recently, I used it for my How to deploy a Laravel app example and an example on …

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What are koans and how can they help level up your dev game?

A koan is a story, dialogue, question, or statement which is used in Zen practice to provoke the “great doubt” and to practice or test a student’s progress in Zen.  In the Zen school of Rinzai, the use of koans (often a paradoxical statement) is used to initiate the internal socratic method in the students, …

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Free AI-Driven Profile Pictures

I recently found out about something called #newprofilepic (that appears to be the name of the site).  When you click on their privacy policy, you are taken to pho.to, which advertises their use of “smart algorithms” for “simple photo editing”.  I figured that I would give it a swing and it turned out pretty well. …

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Comparing and contrasting Bulma and Bootstrap

I haven’t been shy in the past about how I have really prefer Bulma over Bootstrap.  I wanted to use this week’s post to compare and contrast the two and hopefully reset my opinion of Bootstrap.  So, how am I going to do that?  I am going to create a webform using Bulma and then …

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