What are koans and how can they help level up your dev game?

A koan is a story, dialogue, question, or statement which is used in Zen practice to provoke the “great doubt” and to practice or test a student’s progress in Zen.  In the Zen school of Rinzai, the use of koans (often a paradoxical statement) is used to initiate the internal socratic method in the students, …

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Free AI-Driven Profile Pictures

I recently found out about something called #newprofilepic (that appears to be the name of the site).  When you click on their privacy policy, you are taken to pho.to, which advertises their use of “smart algorithms” for “simple photo editing”.  I figured that I would give it a swing and it turned out pretty well. …

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Comparing and contrasting Bulma and Bootstrap

I haven’t been shy in the past about how I have really prefer Bulma over Bootstrap.  I wanted to use this week’s post to compare and contrast the two and hopefully reset my opinion of Bootstrap.  So, how am I going to do that?  I am going to create a webform using Bulma and then …

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Are you still working on the State Parks app?

Yup, I am. Last year, I posted a lot about how I was building a state parks app to help with my goal of eventually visiting every park in the Wisconsin State Parks system.  The most recent post was around November, though.  Well, I am working on the app again and I am hoping to …

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Learning Laravel: Composer and The Laravel Installer

I spent years writing Laravel code at UWM but you might have noticed that I almost never wrote anything on this blog about it.  I am hoping to address that here and now.  If you don’t already know, Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, intended for the development of web applications following the …

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The first three apps that I install on my mac.

Over the past few years, I have written an annual “prefered tools for coding” post.  This time around, I wanted to focus more on the more basic software end of things.  When I set up a mac after getting it, there are some basic applications that I always install right away.  Let’s go through the …

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I’m speaking at That Conference Wisconsin, this year

Update (July 12, 2022): Well, heck. I just heard this morning that they are moving my talk to September 15’s THAT Online – September. The problem is that I land in Delhi, India at 1pm (local time) on Sept 15th.   So, I am speaking at That Conference.  I will be giving the talk “Locating your user …

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Learning Tailwind: Borders, Shapes and Backgrounds

A few weeks ago, I started a series where I planned to cover Tailwind to the best of my ability.  Over the years, I have used Bootstrap and Bulma a heck of a lot but I wanted to branch out a little.  Today’s post is going to cover borders, shapes, and backgrounds.  Let’s get started.

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