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The Expendables 3

I saw this on Friday night, at the Marcus North Shore.  If you have been reading my film posts for a while, you should know that I tend to really enjoy a good action movie.  I loved the first two expendables movies.  In this installment, Barney (Sylvester Stallone) replaces his entire crew, in his attempt to take down Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson).

This was not a bad movie but it was a little disappointing.  There was not anything specifically wrong with the acting or the action.  It just was not as good as the rest of the trilogy.  It might just be a case of it being hard to do better than great.  I would recommend renting it and skipping it in the theater.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I saw this last weekend at the Fox Bay cinema, in Whitefish Bay.  I can still remember seeing the original movies, as a little kid.  I was definitely looking forward to this.  The movie takes place in New York City.  The evil Foot Clan, led by Shredder, is terrorizing the city.  The turtles, having remained in the sewers with Splinter since their transformation, must journey out into the night to save the city.

There are a number of ways that this reboot differs from the original.  None of the ways are terribly large but they are large enough for fans to notice.  This does tend to take you out of the moment a little.  If you look at the movie outside of the lense of the original storyline, it does much better.

I do not think this is anywhere close to being a ground-breaking or important movie.  It is a good movie, though.  As far as summer popcorn flicks go, it is worth checking out.  I would recommend seeing it.


I saw this on Friday night, at the AMC Mayfair 18.  It is the story of Hercules, a man that is cursed to wander the earth, seeking peace in battle.  He is accompanied by six companions who joined him during his legendary twelve labours.  Hercules and his companions are hired by the King of Thrace to train his army and lead them into battle against their enemy.  As the movie progresses, the characters are forced to deal with their past and discover who they want to be.

I liked this movie a lot.  It was fun.  I do not think it is going to win any awards but it’s a great summer popcorn movie.

A Most Wanted Man

I saw this at the North Shore cinema, on saturday night.  I had high hopes for this one.  It is based upon the John le Carre novel by the same name.  The movie centers of Issa Karpov (Grigoriy Dobrygin), a half-Chechen, half-Russian, brutally tortured immigrant that sneaks into Hamburg to lay claim to his father’s ill gotten fortune.  The man’s presence immediately grabs the attention of the foreign and domestic intelligence agencies in Germany.  Is he a dangerous islamic extremist or is he simply a victim?

I really wanted to like this movie.  I enjoy spy thrillers and I wanted Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final film to be a good one.  Unfortunately, it seemed to drag on without end.  I was very disappointed with the pacing of the movie.  The characters were interesting but there was just too much movie and not enough plot.  I have to say that I can not recommend it.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I saw ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ on Friday, at the North Shore Cinema. I watched it on the ultra screen, with my nephew. The movie centers on Peter Quill (Chris Pratt): a thief who was abducted from Earth when he was young. After stealing a mysterious orb, he is forced to team up with the Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot to keep it away from Ronan.

This was an excellent summertime, popcorn movie.  It had witty dialog, epic fight scenes, and heros you have to love.  I am ready for a sequal.  I highly recommend seeing this.


I saw Lucy this weekend, at the Marcus Saukville cinema.  Lucy (played by Scarlett Johansson) is tricked into delivering experimental narcotics to an international drug lord (played by Min-sik Choi).  She is then forced to mule it back to the US.  While doing so, she is accidentally exposed to it.  The drugs trigger an extraordinary reaction in her.

I was honestly expecting the storyline to go in a different direction.  It was a very good movie.  I can see buying it once it’s available.  I would recommend it.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

This past weekend, I saw Transformers: Age of Extinction at the North Shore cinema.  It is the forth movie in this series.  This movie takes place five years after the last one.  The autobots are being hunted by an alien bounty hunter and the US government.  They are forced to join up with a failed inventor (Mark Wahlberg), to survive.

I had only seen fragments of the first three movies, but that does not matter.  This one had an all-new cast.  It is definitely not going to win any awards but it was very entertaining.  The fight scenes were well done.  Kelsey Grammer as a villain was amusing.

It is not necessarily worth the price of a ticket but it was not a bad movie.  I would recommend waiting for it to come out on blue-ray.


I saw this yesterday at the AMC Mayfair 18.  It is a Korean-American science fiction action film, based upon a French graphic novel.

In the story, there is a failed global-warming experiment that plunges the earth into a second ice-age.  The only remaining life, on earth is aboard a train called the Snowpiercer.

The story begins 18 years into the train continually circling the earth.  A class system has developed aboard the train and the passengers in the back of the train formulate a plan to fight their way to the front of the train.

This movie got my attention because of the very unique storyline.  The fight between classes are something that has been covered in movie after movie.  This is the first movie that I can think of that does so in this way.  You have to experience all of civilization, in order to get from one end of the train to the other.

I can see this becoming a cult classic, very easily.  It’s a great movie but it doesn’t have a very wide distribution.  I was only able to find it in one theater in Milwaukee.  If you can find it, I would suggest seeing it.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

I have seen this movie twice now (and could easily enjoy a third viewing).  In this movie, an alien invasion force rides an asteroid into earth.  Once here, they quickly takes over europe.  Tom Cruise plays Major William Cage, a US officer with no combat experience.  After an argument with a superior, he is dropped into a forward combat unit on the day of a major invasion.  Due to a freak accident, the major finds himself stuck in a time loop where he relives the invasion and his death over and over.

This movie felt very much like Groundhog Day meets Independence Day.  They made it work, though.  It was witty, exciting, and very enjoyable.  I think this will easily become something that you simply need to see once every 6 months (unlike Independence Day).

I would recommend it.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

A Million Ways to Die in the West

I saw this on Friday night, at the North Shore cinema.  Albert (Seth MacFarlane) is a cowardly sheep farmer in a small frontier town.  Anna (Charlize Theron) comes to town under mysterious conditions and helps him build enough courage and skill to win in a gun fight.

This was definitively a Seth MacFarlane movie.  It is littered with poop jokes and dance numbers.  It is very entertaining, though.  I had a lot of fun, watching it.  If you like Family Guy, you will like this.