I got a flipper this summer and it is really neat!

Earlier this year while at CypherCon, I saw people using the Flipper Zero and immediately thought “Wow, that’s neat!”.  Unfortunately, I missed their kickstarter and at the time I didn’t know when it would be available.  On June 8th, they put out something on Twitter saying that they had a limited number of units available …

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Office Upgrades: I have a 3D printer

I have a 3D printer, now.  Back in 2017, I backed the Migo 3d printer on kickstarter.  In classic kickstarter fashion, it was supposed to ship in 2018 but didn’t ship until 2020.  Once it did ship, it didn’t include the correct power adapter and the thing wouldn’t work with my mac.  On top of …

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Office Upgrades: To battlestations!

Last week, I started going over upgrades that I made to the office.  This week, I figured that I would talk about upgrades to my main desk.  In November of 2020, I made some general quality of life improvements by replacing the keyboard with a Das Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard, replacing the mouse with …

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Office Upgrades: Network Speeds Go Vroom!

In March 2020, (when the whole world went remote) I simply brought home my laptop from the office, set it up on my kitchen table, and figured that this can’t possibly last more than a few weeks.  By that fall, I figured that this might be a while and I started rebuilding my battlestation.  This …

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Wisconsin is presumably getting more charging?

One of my largest pandemic purchases was a 2016 VW e-Golf and it is a great car but the relatively limited transportation in the great state of Wisconsin means that longer trips aren’t really doable.  Since I am neither a traveling salesman nor a political candidate, that doesn’t tend to be an issue but if …

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Nine electric cars that you can buy in 2021 for under $20,000

Back in May 2020, I bought my first electric car.  I spent a little over $11k for the thing (including shipping).  That was a good deal at the time but I got to wondering what you can currently buy for under $20k.  After all, it has been over a year since then and the used …

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My prefered tools for coding (2021 Update)

Last year, I wrote the post “My preferred tools for coding” and I figured that this was a good time to update that list.  A lot of this stuff is also listed on the resources page of my main website.

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