Generating random numbers with the Web Cryptography API

The W3C has been working on a Web Cryptography API for a while, now.  The current version (11 December 2014) is their “Candidate Recommendation”.  As such, I would not necessarily consider it fully ready for primetime but that does not mean that we can not play around with it a bit.  I figured that today, we should …

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How to use FileReader() to generate data URLs

These days, the lines between the web and the local environment can be very blurry.  There is a web API called FileReader() that nicely adds to that blurriness.  It lets you asynchronously read the contents of a file on the user’s computer.  I am going to show you one way of using it.     So, …

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A responsive, AngularJS “movie picker”

So, I have been working on a little side-hustle and I figured that I would share the most recent chunk of it.  I needed a way of allowing a person to uniquely select a movie.  You don’t want to just give the user a free-form box because of the 52 different ways you could input …

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AngularJS: Exploring ng-bind-html, date formating, and filters

I have been intending to revisit Pocket Joe, in the near future.  When I do so, I want to include my social media feeds.  No matter how much I blog, I am always going to post to Twitter and Google+ more often.  So, how do you include your public Google+ feed in your app?

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AngularJS: Exploring ng-repeat, ng-show, and more

I have been meaning to to explore the capabilities of AngularJS a little more, so I whipped up this small demo app.  It takes your zip code (hard-coded into the JavaScript file), queries a YQL API, and displays a listing of the nearest NPR stations.  It is not the most unique piece of code but …

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AngularJS: Creating a simple RSS reader

In my first AngularJS post, I went through a very basic example of what Angular can do.  We covered how to loop over an array.  This time around, I would like to look at using ng-model to take input, how to create a basic Angular RSS reader (because that’s apparently “my thing“), and how to …

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