Playing with the OpenWeather API: The basics

Ever since Apple bought and shut down Dark Sky, I have been struggling to figure out what to replace it with.  I figured that this would be a good excuse to play with some weather APIs.  I have done this once before but that was with Rivets and YQL (neither of which I can necessarily …

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AngularJS: Exploring ng-bind-html, date formating, and filters

I have been intending to revisit Pocket Joe, in the near future.  When I do so, I want to include my social media feeds.  No matter how much I blog, I am always going to post to Twitter and Google+ more often.  So, how do you include your public Google+ feed in your app?

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AngularJS: Exploring ng-repeat, ng-show, and more

I have been meaning to to explore the capabilities of AngularJS a little more, so I whipped up this small demo app.  It takes your zip code (hard-coded into the JavaScript file), queries a YQL API, and displays a listing of the nearest NPR stations.  It is not the most unique piece of code but …

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AngularJS: Creating a simple RSS reader

In my first AngularJS post, I went through a very basic example of what Angular can do.  We covered how to loop over an array.  This time around, I would like to look at using ng-model to take input, how to create a basic Angular RSS reader (because that’s apparently “my thing“), and how to …

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Pocket Joe Revisited: Joe evolves his PhoneGap skills

Last week, we built a basic RSS reader, based upon an earlier experiment.  This week, I thought we would evolve the UI a little.  The UI uses jQuery Mobile now. PhoneGap Build Page Download it from the Google Play Store Try the app in your browser   So, you might be wondering where I’m going …

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Building a basic RSS App With PhoneGap Build

You may or may not remember our earlier experiments with building an RSS Reader in JavaScript.  I was curious how well it would work to reuse that experiment, to create a basic RSS reader.  I found a decent jQuery accordion to use for it.  It would not be a native UI for any device but …

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How to easily consume and display RSS in JavaScript

I came across this issue a few years ago and just recently found a good solution.  JavaScript has the ability to make an AJAX request to whatever page you want, and return the result.  The problem is that the same origin policy, enforced by most browsers, won’t allow you to return most content if it originates from outside …

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