The first three apps that I install on my mac.

Over the past few years, I have written an annual “prefered tools for coding” post.  This time around, I wanted to focus more on the more basic software end of things.  When I set up a mac after getting it, there are some basic applications that I always install right away.  Let’s go through the top three.


MacOS has the dumb habit of going to sleep when you don’t want it to do so.  Amphetamine solves that problem.  It gives you a system tray icon that you can use to delay sleep for a given period of time or simply forever.  It’s great!


When you click the date in macOS, the widgets open and you can enable the calendar to display in the widgets bar but it is not as good as itsycal.  Itsycal lets you page through the months and shows more than the one that you are in at the moment.


Most people are familiar with  iTerm2 is a fancy alternative to it.  I would direct you to their website to see all the fanciness.

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