Office Upgrades: The Pi Stack

For a while now, I have had 4 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B single board computers sitting around the office.  I had an intention to make a cluster (3 workers and 1 master) out of them but I never got around to it.  Over the winter, I got the idea to set the four of them up as one Samba server, one MariaDB server, one Apache and PHP server, and one NGINX Reverse Proxy server.

So, is it any good?  If you visit, you can see for yourself.  To be honest, the reverse proxy is the thing that makes it at all bearable.  Also, there is a bit of wonkiness with the Apache server.  It gives me an interesting testbed to play around a bit though.

Since building this, I have bought one Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and while I attempt to buy 3 more (It is 2022 and supplies are minimal), I want to experiment with rebuilding parts of the pi stack and documenting them.  You can expect some future blog posts on the topic.

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