Office Upgrades: I have a 3D printer

I have a 3D printer, now.  Back in 2017, I backed the Migo 3d printer on kickstarter.  In classic kickstarter fashion, it was supposed to ship in 2018 but didn’t ship until 2020.  Once it did ship, it didn’t include the correct power adapter and the thing wouldn’t work with my mac.  On top of that, the company behind the campaign basically just disappeared.  So, I put the printer aside for two years and decided that I had dumped enough money into the thing.

Fast forward two years and I decided to pick up a 4yr old Dell Optiplex for cheap and give it another try.  Luckily, it worked (mostly).  There are severe design flaws with it but as long as you respect them, it is a nice little printer.  So, I picked up some PLA filament and I have been playing with the thing.  I am almost definitely going to be replacing the Migo in the next year but until then, it’s working out fine (for the most part).

When I bought the new monitors for the main battlestation, I moved the old ones over to a second desk, where the Optiplex, my Mac Mini, and the 3D printer now live.  The idea is for the space to be where I do experiments.  You can expect more tuesday posts about things that I have 3D printed.  At some point, I even want to fiddle with learning blender, so I’m not just using other people’s models.

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