I got a flipper this summer and it is really neat!

Earlier this year while at CypherCon, I saw people using the Flipper Zero and immediately thought “Wow, that’s neat!”.  Unfortunately, I missed their kickstarter and at the time I didn’t know when it would be available.  On June 8th, they put out something on Twitter saying that they had a limited number of units available purely for sale inside of the US.  I bit and ordered both a flipper and a WiFi dev board.  The flipper arrived in July and while it can’t do as much as I thought it could do (out the gate), it is really neat!

In order to fully “unlock” it, you really need to run a third-party firmware like Unleashed or RogueMaster.  Luckily, it is reasonably easy to do so.  There are a ton of crazy payloads out there.  I have cloned hotel room keys, remote started cars, and unlocked cars with it.  There are payloads for messing with the sign showing the price of gas at a gas station, for opening the barrier at the exit to a parking garage, and the charging port door on teslas.  It can set off restaurant pagers and mess with jukeboxes.  There is definitely room for a lot of mischeif.

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