The summer 2021 blogging forecast

Over the past few weeks, I have mainly been posting content related to the State Parks App and work on that project is not stopping at all but there is some additional content that I really want to work into the weekly schedule.  Last week, I posted an update about my preferred coding tools and next week, I am posting something about the Vue CLI and Webpack.  In addition to that, I also want to revisit MongoDB after ignoring it for a few years (and not just because I have a future need).  After that, I also want to try to work some non-vue-related content in (maybe Alpine.js or Angular).  You can expect some more content related to the State Parks App after that.

It is safe to say that my two posts per month plan is shot to hell, at the moment.  I am still limiting myself to a code-related post on Thursdays and non-coding posts on Tuesdays, though.


[ Cover photo by Mark König on Unsplash  ]

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