State Parks App: The Plan

Back in April, I visited Aztalan State Park and despite the recent death of my truck, I still want to continue with my plan to visit every state park in the Wisconsin State Parks system.  My first thought when I set the goal was to just track it on my main website.  While that works, it is still hard to track where / what the parks on the list are, so I thought “Why not build an app?” and if I am going to build this app, I wanted to do it in public, on this blog.

So, what do I want this app to have?

Phase 1:

  • A list of state parks that is sortable and searchable
  • The details of each park, including:
    • Name
    • Address
    • County
    • Hours, entrance fees, etc
    • Description
    • Link to DNR website

Phase 2:

  • Maps (showing where the park is)
  • Photos of the park

Phase 3:

  • Show what parks the user has been to, so far and which ones they haven’t
    • This is likely going to require single sign-on and something like firebase.
  • Show the distance between where they are and the park, so that they can figure out where the closest park is

Phase 4:

  • A commenting and contribution system
    • It would be nice to allow the user to add photos of their own and notes.

Phase 5:

I am not going to pretend that I am going to roll through all five stages in a week or something.  This is a long-term plan.  Phase 1 is going to require an API and data.  You can expect to see a github repo sometime soonish, though.

Have any questions, comments, etc?  Feel free to drop a comment, below.

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