My truck got a little smashed

Almost exactly two months after buying a cheap pick-up truck, it catastrophically broke.  It was parked in my driveway (with me actively working on it) when a branch from one of the trees along the street broke, fell through the windshield, and smashed the dashboard.  This was exactly one week after I paid Best Buy to install a new stereo and a backup camera.  It was five minutes after I had finally gotten the mass air flow sensor replaced (something that I was damn proud of doing myself).  It was weeks after buying $1400 worth of engine work and tires.  Most importantly, it was after I started to feel like I had truly bonded with the thing.

This past friday, the insurance company totalled the truck and no matter what I tried, I wasn’t going to end up able to keep it.  Trust me on that.

I had planned on spending the first week in June, driving around the state, discovering new state parks.  I even visited an inaugural park, 6 days prior.  Now, that is all on hold.

I miss that truck.

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