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Back in 2011, I wrote a post about my top 5 favorite podcasts. I figured that a decade later, an update was in order.  Since 2015, I have apparently listened to 108 days, 3 hours of podcasts so I definitely know what I like. This time, I want to try to break it out a little into categories.


The Dollop [Pocket Casts Link] – My friend Russ turned me onto this podcast a few years ago.  It is two comedians talking about stories from American (and occasionally Australian) history.  There are some episodes that need more focus than others but it is always amusing.

The Dollop – England & UK [Pocket Casts Link] – This one is the same as The Dollop (see above) but they focus on British history.

The Good Place: The Podcast [Pocket Casts Link] – I adored The Good Place.  It was a funny, well acted sitcom that touched on the topic of ethics.  I listened to this podcast a little too much.  It not only goes over the episodes but also dives into the topics in it.

The Flop House [Pocket Casts Link] – This one has a bunch of former daily show writers watching a bad movie and then talking about it.  You don’t necessarily need to have seen the movie to find the podcast amusing.  I listen to this one a lot while riding my bike.


The NPR Politics Podcast [Pocket Casts Link] – This is your standard daily politics podcast.  It is a great addition to your daily podcast lineup but frankly, I went the last 6 mo of the Trump presidency skipping it because it was too damn depressing.

What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law [Pocket Casts Link] – This was a good regular listen towards the beginning of the Trump presidency but it got too depressing towards the end.


Up First [Pocket Casts Link] – I listen to this one every single day while I am getting through the shower in the morning.  It is right up there with twitter in my morning routine.

Marketplace [Pocket Casts Link] – Just as Up First (see above) is a go to morning podcast, Marketplace is a go to evening podcast.  It fills in the blanks for me during the evening wind-down / commute.


Windows Weekly [Pocket Casts Link] – I slightly judge myself for listening to this for fun but it is amusing and I feel genuinely informed in the end.  I listen to this one a lot while writing code.

MacBreak Weekly [Pocket Casts Link] – This one is very similar to Windows Weekly (see above) but there is a lot more speculation than news.  I listen to this one while coding, also.

First Ring Daily [Pocket Casts Link] – This daily tech podcast is my go to when I have listened to both of the two above shows and want more.  I don’t tend to listen to it on a daily basis anymore but I did, once upon a time.


99% Invisible [Pocket Casts Link] – 99% Invisible is nominally about design and architecture.  Roman Mars has one of those voices where you can almost listen to him read the phone book without getting bored.  The show is super entertaining. It has the benefit of being just light enough so you can listen while doing something productive.  This is a longtime favorite.

Planet Money [Pocket Casts Link] – This one is always entertaining and scratches an itch that I have had since my business school days.  They talk about economic and business topics but in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way.

The Indicator [Pocket Casts Link] – This show is basically the daily analog to Planet Money (see above).  It is always worth a listen.


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