Joe added solar panels to his house

This year was meant to be the year where I made a number of high-cost, high-reward upgrades.  After the extremely harsh winter, I knew that I needed to install a level-2 car charger and to buy a pickup truck to do the kind of things that a small electric hatchback can’t do.  I also knew that the electrical panel in my basement needed to be replaced before the charger could be installed.  I had originally planned to stick to those upgrades but after hearing about Summit Solar, I dropped them an email.

I ended up paying $16,600 to put enough solar panels on my roof to offset 40% of my home’s energy use.  Since I got a super low interest rate on a 25yr loan, that only came out to $51/mo in the end.  The way I look at it, I am spending roughly the same amount of money that I had been paying for that amount of electricity but it is just going to the lender instead of WE Energies, now.

The only problem so far is that it has been roughly two months since the solar panels went in and I am yet to actually receive permission to turn them on.  It sounds like it is less of an issue with Summit Solar and more of an issue with WE Energies.  The latest that I heard was that sometime in the next week, they are going to be removing the “testing” meter and replacing it with a “production” meter.

I don’t think that I would do anything differently but I am a little disappointed with how the process is going.

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