I moved jws.dev off of keybase

This post is 50% housekeeping and 50% devops, and something that normally wouldn’t warrant a blog post but I’m still getting over last week’s vacation and didn’t want to wait another week before posting new content.  I promise that next week’s post is going to be more substantive.

So, I have been hosting jws.dev on keybase for a few years, now.  The method wasn’t very straight forward but keybase.pub was built to let you host things within keybase.  For years, it has been great and I like their whole identity management thing.  Unfortunately 469 days ago, they were bought out by zoom (something that I really didn’t care about 468 days ago) and they haven’t really done anything with the service since then.  A lot of people that I know stopped using it when it was acquired and this isn’t that.  I don’t particularly care that Zoom owns the service.  I do care that the ability to use macFUSE with it stopped working and that there isn’t a clear fix.  Zoom / Keybase don’t seem to be maintaining the service anymore and now that this thing doesn’t work, I figure that it is time to move hosting elsewhere.

So, I put the code behind the site up on github, set up a deploy script to rebuild the site whenever a change is made to one of the vuepress markdown files, and set up hosting using Render.  If you want to see exactly how I did it, I would direct you to my How to deploy a Vuepress website for free, using Render post from early last year.

I am going to keep using vuepress for the site and I do wish I could have kept it on keybase.  It was time, though.


[ Cover photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash ]

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