I bought a cheap pick-up truck … again

You might have remembered that a few months ago, I bought a cheap 2007 Chevy Colorado and then two months later, it was totalled by a tree branch.  Since then, I also found what remains of it for sale on a copart lot.  Well, I managed to finally buy a replacement truck.  I got a 2000 Ford Ranger for $4,400.  It is smaller and not as well equipped but I think that it is going to work well for what I need it to do.

It does need a little work to keep the rust at bay, though.  This past weekend, I stopped by the junkyard and picked up a cheap replacement fender.  I also bought new seat covers for it, moved the spare into the bed (a lesson that I learned with my 1992 Explorer), and bought some cans of undercoat and rust reformer for the frame.  Everything else seems fine but I also want to replace the head unit just because it would be a nice touch.

Back in March, I made the goal of visiting all of the state parks in Wisconsin.  The Colorado dieing kind of wrecked that plan, since the e-Golf has a fairly limited range.  This should help, now.

Have any suggestion, tips, questions, etc?  Feel free to drop a comment, below.

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