Free local TV streaming in Milwaukee

I gave up on the concept of over-the-air TV a while ago.  I have tried PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, AT&T TV, Sling TV, and Philo.  I have also tried services where you have a box with an antenna that is connected to an online service.  There were issues with all of those options.  I eventually settled on using Youtube TV.  The problem with that is the $68.57/mo price.  Not everyone can (or wants to) pay that much in order to watch TV.

Recently, I discovered a COMPLETELY FREE (and legal) alternative that is now available in Milwaukee.  It is a nonprofit digital TV translator service called Locast.  The organization is in 36 markets and is 100% free.  There are no DVR or on-demand services with it but they have Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS, and Android apps so if all you want is the ability to watch an episode of home improvement as it airs, it is a great option.

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