Five years at UWM

On June 6 of 2016, I started working for the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee again.  It genuinely feels like I just started yesterday.  When I started at UWM, I had been writing ColdFusion code for a decade and I was looking for a little bit of a reset.  I was explicitly looking for something that had nothing to do with CFML.  These days, I am primarily using Laravel / PHP on the backend and Vue.js / javascript on the frontend.  Before I came back to UWM, I was honestly getting a little bored.  This job definitely has not been boring.

In the past five years, have also been to China, Morocco, England, Germany, Switzerland, and I returned to France.  I’ve been to Laracon, That Conference, and CypherCon.  I have upped my front-end development game and I think that I have become a lot more confident.

I can’t wait to see where I am in another five years.

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