1000th Blog Post!

If my count is correct, this is my 1000th post on this blog.  Since the blog just turned 10 years old, that means that I have been averaging 100 posts per year but there have been years where I only posted one or two things for the whole year.

I don’t have much to say beyond, “Yay! Blog!”  I still need to post follow-ups to the Mongo post from July and the Sliding Transitions post from two weeks ago.  I also need to finish building the prototype for the State Parks App.  My top priority right now is to finish a few Hacktoberfest submissions, though.  Last week’s thursday post was over on dev.to and this week’s thursday post is probably going to be a “filler” post over here.

Have an questions, comments, etc?  Feel free to drop a comment, below.

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