Why I really like Priority Pass

You might have noticed from my recent travel posts that I have gotten really into international travel since my 2018 trip.  When I took that trip, I used LoungeBuddy to pay to get into the Air France lounge in Terminal 5.  Unfortunately, since American Express’ purchase of LoungeBuddy, they have pulled support for both of the Chicago O’Hare Terminal 5 lounges.  Fortunately Priority Pass still support both of the Terminal 5 lounges.

If you look at their listing of membership plans, you might think that you would have to travel a lot to justify the service.

I would never pay $299/yr for the service.  Fortunately you don’t need to.  The Chase Sapphire Reserve card that I talked about in a previous post offers it as an added benefit.  With it, you and a friend can get into any Priority Pass lounge for free!

So, why do I like airport lounges?

  • Free food
  • Free beverage (including alcohol)
  • Good internet
  • Often a quiet, peaceful space with good views

If you like to travel, you really should look into this.

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