Two really promising upcoming “pay what you want” online conferences

This year has caused a lot of plans to go out the window.  You can’t travel, go to school (in person), or even grab a beer at the neighborhood bar.  As we always do, we find a way though.  Two of the conferences that I have really enjoyed in the past are going online, this year.  They are also going “pay what you want”.

That Conference is going to be on August 3rd.  I’ve attended this one a number of times, over the past few years and it has always been an amazing experience.

HigherEdWeb 2020 is one that I hadn’t attended since leaving UWM in 2011 but I have fond memories of it.  This one is focused heavily on web in the Higher Education context.  It is scheduled for October 19 – 20.

I am signed up for both and I am pretty excited.


[ Cover photo by Samuel Pereira on Unsplash ]

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