The great iPhone experiment – Part 2

A month ago, the Android 11 update borked my Pixel 3.  Since then, I’ve been using an iPhone 8 as my daily driver.  I figured that I owed you a follow-up with my impressions, so far.


  • The phone is noticeably thinner and nicer feeling in my hand.
  • It seems to pair more easily to my headphones.
  • Unlike on my iPad, you can use Amazon Fresh on it.


  • The camera is nowhere near as good as the Pixel 3.  Both the software and hardware sucks. I miss night mode, the wide angle selfie camera, and the much better camera quality.
  • When I bike, I like to use the Android Auto app to make the display more readable on the move and make the controls larger. I can’t figure out an analog to that on the iPhone.
  • The UI for CarPlay looks so much worse than Android Auto when you pair the phone to your car. I really don’t know what Apple was thinking.
  • I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to get “hey Siri” to work in the car
  • For some reason, while the iPhone is connected to the car, call information (who you are talking to and if the call is connected) doesn’t show in the instrument cluster.
  • Since apple doesn’t allow you to make digital purchases on iOS devices, I can’t use it to shop for movies.
  • On an Android device, you can use Google Maps to navigate by bike, on foot, etc.  It looks like on the iPhone, the only option is by car.  There aren’t options for other modes.
  • Google Fit doesn’t track steps automatically on the iPhone.  I thought that maybe Apple Fit might have an option to do that but it looks like it only connects to your medical provider to download your medical records and track women’s cycles.  I can’t find an option for tracking a run or how many steps you took in a day.
  • One of my daily workflows is to take a photo with Instagram, post it, open the Blogger app, and post the Instagram photo to Blogger.  There isn’t a Blogger app but there still is the website.  I tried using that but the iPhone doesn’t put photos uploaded to Instagram in a seperate folder in the way the Pixel did.  I end up having to try to replicate the photo in Blogger instead of just uploading the same photo.


So far, I’m still really looking forward to the day I can send that phone back to it’s old role (just something that I use to test websites on).


[ Cover photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash ]

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