Repositioning Cruises: A frugal traveler’s friend

I have been looking at the idea of a repositioning cruise for a while now.  A repositioning cruise is a cruise where the embarkation port is different than the disembarkation port.  Some repositioning cruises are short but most are long.  Cruise lines reposition their ships between seasons (since people don’t really want to take a cruise in the dead of winter).

Let’s look at an options off of CruiseDirect’s listing of repositioning cruises out of Rome.  The first result is a 20 night cruise from Civitavecchia (Rome) to Buenos Aires.

Ten of those days are at sea but the cruise starts at $28/night and includes your on-board meals and all of the normal shows and activities.

Since you are going from one part of the world to another with all of your food and lodging covered and paying less that you would for a hotel room, why not do it?  These cruises tend to book up early since they are such a good value.  You need to plan out 8-12 months if not further.  You also need to be alright with a very long cruise where you are at sea a lot.

Personally, I am just waiting for the right repositioning cruise to become available.

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