My 2020 Blogging Goal Update

Back in December, I set the goal to post more code to this blog.  Four months in, I have posted something coding related every Thursday and something else every other Tuesday.  The only exception was last week when I posted nothing at all.  I just had nothing left in the tank (call it COVID brain, or whatever).  I want to pick a month along the way and do daily posts (maybe PHP-related?).  I haven’t done any PHP posts since 2014.  It might be time.

I was hoping that the Tuesday posts would become a “travel tuesday” kind of thing.  With my India and Nepal travel plans falling through and it looking unlikely that I’m going to travel anymore this year, that seems unlikely.  I might do a few more travel posts but I’ll probably hold off until after COVID passes.

I recently created over a few weekends.  I wanted to create a website that can essentially update itself through heavy use of assorted APIs.  I also wanted to blog about some of the concepts I used on it.  Expect a few posts on it in the near future.

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