Mistake fares: A frugal traveler’s friend

In another post in my “frugal traveler” series, I wanted to talk about “mistake fares”.  Mistake fares are what happens when an airline accidentally puts the wrong price on a flight.  More often than not, if you book one of these mistakenly cheap flights they will cancel your booking and refund your money. Every now and then, they actually honor the cheap price, though.

So, how do you find these fares?  A really good resource is Secret Flying.

These fares do not tend to be live for long so, you are better off booking now and figuring out how to use it later.  Personally, I am watching for something from North America to Asia, preferably in Business Class (I’ve never done that before), and in the second half of the year.  I don’t know if I’ll find that but that is half the fun.

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