Living with an electric car in Wisconsin: Repairs

One of the really nice things about buying an electric car is that you don’t need to repair it as often.  When fewer things move, there are fewer things that can break.  Thanks to regenerative braking, even the brake pads are expected to last a freakishly long time.  The big question is what to do when something does break.

Recently, I went out to my car and realized that the “engine start/stop” button was no longer reliably registering button presses.  That’s something that is fairly important when you need to start and stop your car.  I genuinely thought that it was just a bad button module.  It felt like a broken solder point or something.

I contacted the half-dozen VW dealers in the area to inquire about getting it repaired and the ones that actually responded to my messages replied that they are unwilling to work on any electric car.  One even went as far as to try to sell me a replacement car (which is pretty shitty).  I posted something on Reddit, asking if anybody had a suggestion and I was directed to a shop in Bay View that is more than willing to work on it.

I made an appointment to bring the car in and they said that it indeed needed a new button module.  A week and $200 later, I brought it in to get the button replaced and ever since then, it’s been working great.

I really wish VW dealers were willing to work on their cars.  Until then, independent shops like the one I used are a solid option.

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