I tried to do a roadtrip in the new electric car

Last week, I drove from Milwaukee to Madison and back again in the new car.  The 2016 e-Golf has a stated range of 83 miles between charges.  I wanted to see what that looks like in real life.

A level 2 charger needs roughly four hours to fully charge the battery.  A level 3 charger can charge the battery to 80% (and no further) in roughly 20 minutes.  The map above shows the chargers between Milwaukee and Madison.

On the way out, I charged the battery for 40 minutes in Johnson’s Creek on a level 2 charger.  That gave me enough charge to get to a level 3 charger in Madison (with 9 miles of range remaining).  Since I left Madison with an 80% charge (the most you can get from a level 3 charger), the trip back got interesting.  I stopped at the level 2 charger in Lake Mills for another 40 minutes on the way back.  That only got me enough charge to reach Waukesha, though.  Once I got there, I tried to use the level 3 charger at a Jaguar dealer.  While it was listed online as a free, public charger, it didn’t go well.  I got enough of a charge to hop next to a level 2 charger in Brookfield.  From there, I made it to a level 3 charger in West Milwaukee.  Overall, it didn’t go great.

The next morning, I was poking at the charger map and noticed a level 3 charger in Oconomowoc.  It is closer than Waukesha was and I think that it could eliminate the need for the stop in Johnson’s Creek and all of the messiness on the way back.

I’m going to need to rerun this road trip sometime soon to prove this out.

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