I made a big hardware purchase

I have wanted to get an electric car for a while now.  With their supercharger network, a Tesla Model 3 would be the logical choice but it’s $36k and I wouldn’t want to spend any more than $15k on any car.  Two years ago, I put down a deposit (that they never gave back to me) on a Sondors EV.  I think that they are still trying to ship something but it definitely isn’t happening anytime soon.  After the failure of Sondors, I started to look at the BMW i3.  You can buy an i3 all day long for under $15k and you can get it with a “range extender” (a small motor bike engine under the trunk that charges the battery).

With the downturn in the economy tanking car prices,  I started watching autotrader for deals again and I noticed the VW e-Golf.  It is a converted gas car that is only sold in 10 states (Wisconsin isn’t one of them).  Most of the e-Golfs in the used market seem to be former lease cars that came out of California.  In 2017, VW updated the car to increase the range from 83mi to 125mi.  I managed to find a 2016 model in Indiana for $10,640.  Of course, I also had to pay $700 to have it delivered but that isn’t a big issue.

I am probably going to write a few more posts as I figure things out with charging.  Have a question, comment, etc?  Feel free to drop a comment, below.

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