A month with the Motorola Moto G Fast

Back in September, the Android 11 update bricked my Pixel 3. That left me with the option of using my Motorola Moto E5 or my iPhone 8 (the two phones that I keep around for device testing).  I spent September and October using the iPhone 8 (and kind of hated every moment of it).  At the end of October, I saw that I could buy a 32gb unlocked Moto G Fast for $150 and decided to pull the trigger.  After a month with the thing, I figured that I owe you a few thoughts on the phone.

The Moto G Fast is significantly larger than the iPhone 8 and the Pixel 3 that came before it.  It is so big that it is hard to do some things one-handed, with it.  My hands are just too small, I guess?  I think that I am ok with that, though because a bigger screen typically means a bigger battery.  Right after buying the phone, I tested it by leaving it off of the charger overnight and I’m convinced that it has a 2-3 day battery.

The phone is fast.  I’m not convinced that it is fast enough, though.  I see the largest issues while using Android Auto.  The slowdowns don’t make the phone unusable but it is a very large pain point.

The biggest downside (in my humble opinion) is the lack of Google Pay compatibility.  You can’t use the phone to pay for stuff in stores.  In my case, I can just use my watch but that gets a little annoying.  It also bugs me that the screen gets a little bit of a “screen door” effect at times.  You can basically see the individual pixels?

The biggest upside is the camera.  It is not as good as the iPhone 8 with indoor shots but it has it beat in the sunlight.  Additionally, I am really digging the secondary ultra-wide lens.

If you are shopping in the budget category, this phone isn’t half bad.  Just temper your expectations.


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