On my way to London

You might be wondering why I am on my way to London. I was last in Europe in 2002 and at the time, I told myself that I would come back within a year or two. The problem ended up being the cost. I solved that with a bit of travel hacking.

I found the website skyscanner where I found a round trip flight for $348.25. I used the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card’s travel expense reimbursement feature to eliminate $300 from that price, taking the cost down to $48.25. I then found a three-night stay at a hotel in the center of town for $163.48.

That means that for $211.73, I’m able to hang out in London for three days.

You might be wondering “why in January?” UWM gives MLK Day off as a legal holiday. By taking off today and Tuesday, I am able to get three solid days there.

I am planning on hitting Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey on the first day. On the second day, I’m taking a guided tour to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath. I’m thinking that I would check out the Museum of London on the third day but I’m open to suggestions.

If I can keep finding deals like this, I want to make these kinds of trips much more frequent.

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