The Milwaukee Soup App: An experiment in PhoneGap and Kimono

I have had an idea for a while.  I am a huge fan of a good bowl of soup and when lunch rolls around, I check a half dozen websites for daily soup specials.  I have always wanted a singular place to see what soup is available today.  I have written an app to be that singular resource!

Milwaukee Soup has a fairly basic UI right now and it only tracks two restaurants (The Soup House and Bella Caffe), but I plan to evolve it over time.

So, you might be asking how I managed to query the restaurants, without aid of an API.  I kinda cheated.  I used Kimono to create JSON APIs from the restaurants’ websites.  So far, it seems to be working well.


Try the app in your browser

PhoneGap Build Page

GitHub Page

Play Store Page


Milwaukee Soup Screenshot 1 Milwaukee Soup Screenshot 2 Milwaukee Soup Screenshot 3

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