Pocket Joe Revisited: Joe evolves his PhoneGap skills

Pocket Joe UI Revisited Last week, we built a basic RSS reader, based upon an earlier experiment.  This week, I thought we would evolve the UI a little.  The UI uses jQuery Mobile now.

PhoneGap Build Page

Download it from the Google Play Store

Try the app in your browser  

So, you might be wondering where I’m going with all of this PhoneGap experimentation.  My goal is to crank out a PhoneGap app per week, during the month of February.  As with everything, practice makes perfect and I hope that a month of practice will make me reasonably good at this. Earlier today, I bought a Nokia Lumia 520.  Expect some Windows Phone versions to be published alongside the Android versions of these apps.

Want to check out the main HTML file from this app?  The source is available on GitHub.  Yes, I’m still using YQL. I’ll eventually create a proper dev environment for PhoneGap.

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