Miwaukee I/O: Get answers to your questions in Milwaukee

This weekend, I attended the 2014 HackMKE Civic Hackathon.  It was held at Bucketworks, in the Grand Avenue.  I came to the hackathon with no real expectations.  I just wanted to see how I could help the community.  I ended up working on a project with Ben Haos, a student at Carroll University.

We were looking at Honolulu Answers, a previous Code for America project.  We figured that Milwaukee could use something like that.  We originally looked at just forking Honolulu Answers but neither of us had any experience with Ruby, so we decided to go a different route.

Milwaukee I/O is a WordPress site, running DW WallPress, DW Question Answer, and WordPress Social Login.  While I worked on setting up the site, Ben worked on building an Android app for it.

What’s next for Milwaukee I/O?  The biggest thing is to get people to actually use it.  Milwaukee I/O has the promise to be a hub life in Milwaukee.

Have any questions, comments, or ideas?  Please, let me know.

Check out Milwaukee I/O

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