Joe begins to learn Node.js

MilwaukeeJS 03/25/2014 NodeSchool WorkshopLast night, I attended a NodeSchool workshop, put on by the Milwaukee JavaScript User Group.  It took place at Corvisa Services, at Schlitz Park.  It was a bit of fun.  We went over the “Learn You The Node.js For Much Win!” section of the NodeSchool program.

I noticed early on that installing Node.js is easiest if you are running Homebrew.  Once Node is installed, you use NPM to install the NodeSchool lessons (which is easy enough).

The way I installed the lesson was:

npm install -g learnyounode

I had assumed that that would have placed code within my current directory, but it apparently installs it into some sort of global package directory.  The “-g” is signifying “global”.  Once the package is installed, it is executed by running “learnyounode” at the command line.

I have gotten through the first four items within the lesson.  This weekend, I will finish the rest of them.  I like this a lot.  April’s 30-day challenge might involve writing a Node app.

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