Building a basic RSS App With PhoneGap Build

You may or may not remember our earlier experiments with building an RSS Reader in JavaScript.  I was curious how well it would work to reuse that experiment, to create a basic RSS reader.  I found a decent jQuery accordion to use for it.  It would not be a native UI for any device but it is good enough for this experiment.


[gist id=8641489 file=PocketJoe.html bump=3]


ScreenShot of the Android version of 'Pocket Joe'You can see that this is a fairly basic app.

Just like last time, I fed the HTML app into PhoneGap Build and it generated the installers, based upon my github repo.


Try it within your browser

The PhoneGap Build Page (including installers)


Notes: I know that PhoneGap can handle RSS without having it first translated to JSON.  Keeping the YQL call there just made development easier.  Once I get a good local PhoneGap development environment set up, I am probably going to need to revisit this.

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