Week in review – 06/10/13 – 06/16/13

This past week, I was asked to work (together with the other developers) on a standards document for application development.  This is the second time, in three organizations, where I was asked to work on such a thing.  Organizational application development standards are a hard thing to nail down.  In order to develop such a thing, you really need the buy-in of everybody.  I really think this is something that could take time.


Useful and/or interesting stuff I found this week:

ChrUbuntu [An alternative to Crouton?]

cfPayment [Interact with multiple payment gateways]

My NSA Records [Submit a FOIA request for your NSA records]

Shirts.io [An API for printing and shipping t-shirts]

Google Loon [A google project to distribute the internet via low-orbit balloons]

The Wirecutter [Interesting new product review site]

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