Week in review – 06/03/13 – 06/09/13

This past week, I saw Marcos Placona‘s post about running Railo in AppFog for free.  He does it by installing the Railo WAR file into a java instance.  I was able to get a Railo 4 instance running fairly quickly.  Unfortunately, there are a few issues to work out.  You push code update using a CLI ruby app (which is fine) but each time you push updates, the Railo administrator panels lose all of their settings (including the password).  I’m sure there is a way of addressing this but I’m not sure what it is.  I am going to poke at it when I have a chance.


Useful and/or interesting stuff I found this week:

Buy a cardboard bike

Classic arcade game museum exhibit [ In Green Bay ]

cfWeller [ ColdFusion code review automation tool ]

Skycraft [ Minecraft in WebGL ]

Dreambox [ 3d printing vending machine ]

Run Railo on Appfog … for free [ I’m working on getting this to work, myself ]

SessionRotate() [ New in CF10 ]

sqlmap [ opensource penetration testing tool ]

New HTML5 Form Input Types

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