Week in review – 05/27/13 – 06/02/13

This past week, I started to about “better” ways of handling crud operations.  A lot of what I do as a developer is to allow the user to input a collection of things and then output that list of things on the page.  I’ve used ORM to speed this up but can you go further?  I think I have an idea for speeding up the CRUD side of things (at least).  I was thinking that you could have a template set of functions (for text inputs, date inputs, text areas, etc).  You could instantiate them, using desired attributes (like range, data type, etc) and put them into an array of a struct or something.  That could be what is used as the template for the CRUD.  I am just kinda curious how far you could take something like that and how flexible it would be.  I would want to make sure it would be flexible, secure, and efficient but I would also want to make sure that it would require less effort than traditional methods.  I’m not sure if that is a feasible goal or not.


Useful and/or interesting stuff I found this week:

Using HTML5 prerendering to speed up a multi-page registration process

CF Live [A way of easily previewing CFML output]

Unsplash [Free (CC0) photos for websites]

The Buccaneer [A $400, fully assembled 3d printer]

Sold [Sell things easily online (as long as you own an iDevice)]

Free ColdFusion Dev Hosting

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  1. In the test application I am playnig with right now, there is not XML at all. With the CF9 ORM integration, you simply annotate a CFC object with <cfproperty tags that describe the properties of that object. The arguments added to those property tags define things like data types, relationships, lazy loading, etc. So in answer to your question, thus far I have not written any XML for this application and have a fully functional data model. I believe the possibility for some XML configuraiton exists, but I have not dug that far yet.

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