Week in review – 05/06/13 – 05/12/13

So, this week, I was asked to write a chunk of PHP code to interact with the PayFlow Pro APIs.  It was my first ever chunk of production PHP code.  I have to admit, I was not necessarily impressed with PHP.  What’s up those weird data masks?

I also used cfthread for the first time (that I can remember).  I came across a chunk of ColdFusion that was running as a scheduled task but it heavily leveraging JavaScript.  Essentially, it was building a list of tasks and spinning them off using ajax.  I didn’t think that would work, so I threw a cfmail into the code to verify that.  The cfmail tag never triggered.  So, how did I fix the code?  Instead using JavaScript to spin off the task, I just included the subtask’s code into a cfthread block.  It works well now.


Useful and/or interesting stuff I found this week:

Planet Money is making a T-shirt [kickstarter]

Add “Login using Twitter” to your ColdFusion App

Real programmers use … [xkcd]

fartscroll.js [The Onion]

How to (actually) eat healthily on £1 per day

Pictures of food cut in half

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