Week in review – 04/29/13 – 05/05/13

So, this past week, I spent a lot of time working on basic clean-up and security tightening.  I was thinking, though about how to improve development of CRUD code.

I read a reddit post a few months ago, that talked about reddit having only two tables per thing.  There is a thing table (holding common attributes) and a data table (holding ID, key, and value).  I could see this as speeding up development of CRUD code.  If all schemas are essentially the same, you would only need minor tweaks from CRUD app to CRUD app.  It feels like a little bit of a deal with the devil, though.

I have always liked the thought of bottling up chunks of CRUD and calling them as methods of a crud class.  You could have a date-picker method, a file upload method, a record list method, etc.  I’m not sure if such a thing exists in the ColdFusion world.  One of these days, I might need to pick it up as a task.  That, along with use of ORM should make CRUD development reasonably easy and uniform.


Useful and/or interesting stuff I found this week:

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$50, Starbucks-based application testing
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