How to use localStorage to remember form values

Since finishing my last post, I’ve been wanting to work on a way of implementing the concepts.  Let’s say you have a long form (like a job application) or a form you would be filling out a lot (like shipping/billing information).  You could use ajax to store the information server-side but let’s say you need or want to store it client-side.

Using jQuery, we can loop through all of the text boxes on the page, without really knowing how many elements are there.



Now that we know what’s there, let’s store the values in an array.



Now that the values are packaged up in an array, let’s build setters and getters around this.



You’ll notice that you can essentially just drop this javascript into a page with forms and it will start collecting values.  You need to be careful though.  What if your user is on a shared computer?  It will blindly leave the values for the next visit to the site.  My suggestion would be that you use a “remember me” checkbox.  That would give the user a little more control.  Alternately, you could replace localStorage with sessionStorage.  That would kill the stored values once they close the browser.

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