Initial Reaction: SOL Republic Track HD Headphones

So, today I decided to pick up a pair of SOL Republic Tacks HD headphones from the store.  I had been using a pair of noise cancelling headphones for a few years but they’ve been getting kinda rough.  They were mostly held together with masking tape.  I picked these up for $130 at the Apple Store (couldn’t find them anywhere else, in the area).  So far, they feel reasonably comfortable.  They have a definite feel of sturdiness to them.  They don’t fully surround the ears, so it feels a little odd.

My initial reaction is that these do sound noticeably better.  I do like that they have a built-in microphone (since I use my phone for music at work.  They feel solid on my head but I’m still trying to figure out the best positioning of them.  I will try to post a follow-up once I spend some time with them.

SOL Republic Tracks HD on head

SOL Republic Tracks HD Box

SOL Republic Tracks HD taken apart

SOL Republic Tracks HD Headphones

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