Get a user’s IP Address using just JavaScript (and an API call)

I have used IP Chicken for checking my public IP Address for pretty much 15 years (since hearing about it on TechTV).  Once upon a time, I tried writing my own alternative in ColdFusion but it is a lot of overhead for such a dumb thing.  I started wondering if I could do it with …

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How to fix “remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied” in Git

This is going to be a very quick post.  It is more to remind future me than anything.  Did you change your password on your gitlab (or github) server?  Do you now get “remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied” when you “git push origin”? If you “git remote show origin”, it will ask for your credentials …

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Six ways to use data binding with Vue.js

This is going to be a pretty quick post.  Two weeks ago, we looked at how use watchers in Vue.js.  This week I figured that we would look at computed properties and methods. See the Pen Vue.js Computed Value vs Method vs Variable by Joe Steinbring (@steinbring) on CodePen. In the above example, we are …

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Why I really like Priority Pass

You might have noticed from my recent travel posts that I have gotten really into international travel since my 2018 trip.  When I took that trip, I used LoungeBuddy to pay to get into the Air France lounge in Terminal 5.  Unfortunately, since American Express’ purchase of LoungeBuddy, they have pulled support for both of …

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Vue.js watch properties, Google Blogger APIs, and Dynamic Backgrounds

For today’s post, I wrote a pen where the goal was to take the latest photo posted to and set it as the background image. In it, I used the blogger API to get a JSON object and I parsed content for the first href. I then pushed that into a second array and used the first array item as the background, using

See the Pen
Auto-updating Background Image (using Vue.js and Axios)
by Joe Steinbring (@steinbring)
on CodePen.

I wanted to give the user the ability to change the background, so I output “thumbnails” (they are just the same images with a limited width) of all the images and added v-on:click to each one so that you can switch.  You’ll notice that when the user clicks an image, it changes the value of current Image to equal index. Vue watches the value of currentImage and changes the value of when it happens.

Vue watchers give you a lot of flexibility because you just need to change that index and vue does the rest.  There is no need to add a bunch of functions to an onclick event.

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[ Cover photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash ]

Mistake fares: A frugal traveler’s friend

In another post in my “frugal traveler” series, I wanted to talk about “mistake fares”.  Mistake fares are what happens when an airline accidentally puts the wrong price on a flight.  More often than not, if you book one of these mistakenly cheap flights they will cancel your booking and refund your money. Every now …

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How to deploy a Vuepress website for free, using Render

Vuepress is a really cool static site generator.  I have been using it for for months, now. In the case of, I am hosting it on keybase but I recently discovered Render and it is able to do some things that I can’t do as easily with keybase. Render has a free tier …

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