Playing with Vue Router

Back in July, we looked at how Vue CLI and webpack work and I figured that it was time to look at Vue Router, as a follow-up.  Vue Router is going to be pretty necessary for the state parks app, moving forward. Like I did last time, I used VueCLI and Bulma.  I also put …

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State Parks App: Let’s add Bulma and Sorting

Last week, we finally got the park listing working and updated the instance at  This week, I figured that we should add Bulma to the project and add sorting. So, let’s start by adding Bulma and cleaning the code up a little. See the Pen Wisc Parks (Part 5): Cleaning up the listing and …

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Nine electric cars that you can buy in 2021 for under $20,000

Back in May 2020, I bought my first electric car.  I spent a little over $11k for the thing (including shipping).  That was a good deal at the time but I got to wondering what you can currently buy for under $20k.  After all, it has been over a year since then and the used …

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State Parks App: Let’s try that again?

Last week, I got all the way to the end before the damn Google Sheets API stopped working on me.  This week, I figured that we would create a JSON file out of the spreadsheet, host it somewhere, and then just use that.  I started by creating a CSV file from the Google Sheets document, …

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State Parks App: Let’s actually build something

Previously, we built an API for the State Parks App, using Google Sheets and we set up hosting for the thing.  The next step is to actually write the first bit of the thing.  When we created the API, we also wrote a little vue.js proof of concept that loops over the data and outputs …

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I moved off of keybase

This post is 50% housekeeping and 50% devops, and something that normally wouldn’t warrant a blog post but I’m still getting over last week’s vacation and didn’t want to wait another week before posting new content.  I promise that next week’s post is going to be more substantive.

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Free local TV streaming in Milwaukee

I gave up on the concept of over-the-air TV a while ago.  I have tried PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, AT&T TV, Sling TV, and Philo.  I have also tried services where you have a box with an antenna that is connected to an online service.  There were issues with all of those options.  I eventually …

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New things in ECMAScript 2021: String.prototype.replaceAll()

This is going to be a pretty quick post (mainly because I am on vacation, next week).  I was skimming through what is new in ECMAScript 2021 and spotted replaceAll().  It is already supported in everything except for Internet Explorer.  Let’s take a look at a quick example. See the Pen String.prototype.replaceAll() Example by Joe …

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Checking off some of the northwestern state parks

Next weekend, I am driving up to Ashland and I want to hit a few of the harder-to-reach parks along the way.  As I said before, I set a goal of visiting every state park in Wisconsin within the next few years.  So far, I have covered Aztalan, Richard Bong State Recreation Area, Natural Bridge …

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